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Benefits of a Messy Desk

When asked if there are benefits of a messy desk you may be surprised to discover some of the most influential people of our time such Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, and Mark Twain, all had messy desks. Do you have a messy desk or workspace? If so, don’t fret! Read on…

These three game-changers were never ones to follow the crowd. Each put
their name in an unforgettable way on the world. They did things their own way,
including their unconventionally disorganized desks.

benefits-of-a-messy-desk-albert-einsteinIs there was a method to this madness? To the casual observer or any of my teachers growing 
teachers up, a resounding NO! But under that mess mass of papers, books, magazines, and 
various objects, there is a sense of organization and inspiration…really?

A study from the University of Minnesota suggests it’s a good

This research indicates a cluttered workspace promotes innovation and

Benefit of a Messy Desk – Insight

“Disorderly environments seem to inspire breaking free of tradition,” Dr. Vohs and her co-authors conclude in the study, “which can produce fresh insights.”

You can click on the link to the “Messy Desk Says About You” here.

Few previous studies found much virtue in disarray. Sorry Martha Stewart. Study participants were asked to sit in either tidy or unkempt offices then brainstorm different ways to use ping pong balls.

Benefit of a Messy Desk – Imagination

There must be something liberating about chaos. Here’s a question, is chaos directly proportional to freedom? Hmmmm #justathought

Getting back to the study of the ping pong balls, those sitting amidst the debris generated more novel uses (such as ice cube trays).

Benefits of a Messy Desk – Read the Quote Below

if a clutterd desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what then, is an empty desk a sign? -Albert Einstein

benefits-of-a-messy-desk-tony-hsiehWhen I visit the offices of friends, I have to tell you, most desks seem to be disheveled to some degree. You might not be as messy as Tony Hsieh, CEO of internet giant Zappos.com, pictured here.

So stop apologizing already, because statistically, one in five people sit at messy desks. Is’nt it good to know you’re in good company with people who thrive and benefit from a messy desk?