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Last Minute Printing Jobs? We’re still FAST!

Ray’s trucking business was growing. He was ready to move into his new building Wednesday morning except for one thing: He wanted his staff to show up at their new place with a mood of celebration. Lunch was ordered, balloons, cake… but he forgot all about the three banners he wanted.


Calling me the day before – Tuesday at noon – Ray told me his plan. “Ron, I realize this is last minute. These banners will set the mood and keep it a lot longer than opening day. They are important to the motivation of my staff. Can you do it?”


I gulped. This was a little too close for me, not because we couldn’t do it, but the signs were big, a lot bigger than normal, special order size.

“When do you need them?” I asked.

“Anytime before 6:00 am tomorrow morning.”

“Give me 15 minutes, and I’ll let you know.”

My supplier said the three banners would take four hours to make, making it an after-hours job for me and my staff. I called Ray back to tell him all systems were go. At 9:00 pm that night I delivered them.

“You don’t get this kind of service from just anyone these days, Ron. You’re more than a printer, you’re like a partner to my business.

If you need a printer who is more like a partner, then call me, Ron, to set up your account with us.


Gary owned a little garage that was growing. He ordered postcards every other month which contributed a lot to his company’s growth. As he wrote the check for his order he told me this was his last order with me. The only reason he ordered them this time was a production delay.

“Why,” I said. “Not for slow turnarounds, poor quality, or incompetent rude staff?”

“No,” he laughed. “I’m going to full color postcards.”

“Gary, I print full color postcards.”

“Really?” he said. “Sorry Ron, I already ordered them through another place.”

“So what’s the delay?” I asked.

Long story short: His new cards were designed by his buddy’s neighbor’s nephew’s friend who just graduated from some art school. The printer couldn’t work with the artwork sent to him. Gary was delayed two months from his advertising by a printer who couldn’t design and a designer who understood nothing about the printing process. “Incredible,” I thought.

“Gary, we do printing and design. It normally takes us one to three days to complete 99% of our design projects, then two more days to print them.”

I offered to redo his artwork just like the sample he showed me for free if I could print them. He had already paid the designer and printer up front. I never saw Gary again. I think he was too embarrassed about the situation he confessed to me.

“Gary,” (and anyone with a story similar to Gary’s), “don’t be embarrassed. Work with me and my staff who are quite competent. We love what we do and are very good at it. Really. Not only do we design and print, but we understand how design and marketing work together and are eager to work with your ideas to create ads, postcards, brochures, even business cards that stand out and open doors to get you the opportunity to earn the sales you want and need